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What difference will using Runawaymouse make to my firewall?

To make your connection to the trainer you will download a file, which will only exist on your computer for the duration of your Runawaymouse session. Your firewall may prompt you that a program with your session number as its name "is attempting to connect to a DNS server." You need to select the option which will allow this program to connect. Since this program only exists temporarily this will have no lasting effect on your firewall. This will not disable your firewall.

How do I ensure no outsider can gain access to my computer after a Runawaymouse training session?

The program which allows the Runawaymouse trainer to view your computer is only resident on your computer for the duration of the session. It exists only as a temporary internet file, which is deleted when you close your internet session. Once you have terminated your connection with the trainer they will not be able to connect to your computer again, because the software does not exist to allow it. If you have further Runawaymouse sessions, you will go through the same connection process again, and you will be allocated a different session id. Therefore there is no way that someone with information from your first session can connect to you once it is finished.

Can anyone else see my computer while the trainer is connected?

The authentication steps you go through to get connected are designed to ensure that only the person who originally requested the session is connected. The trainer's access to the viewer software is password protected, and the trainer can only connect to your session when you tell them the session number.

What is the European Computer Driving Licence?

The European Computer Driving Licence® (ECDL) is the internationally recognised benchmark qualification in PC skills. It is designed for those who wish to develop their IT skills and enhance their career prospects. Read more at the ECDL web-site.

At Nicholson Solutions we believe that the skill level represented by ECDL is very useful. Anyone completing ECDL will gain both confidence and independence in using their computer, and will also develop a good general understanding which will allow them to tackle tasks confidently.

To sit the ECDL module test, use the ECDL web-site to locate your local test centres, and check that they provide “test only” facilities. (Some test centres expect to provide both training and testing, but if you have done your training with runawaymouse, then you only need to sit your tests at the centre)

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